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To be part of and champion a modern development team where my engineering and leadership skills are challenged.

I want to be able to explore modern technologies and utilize them in developing effective solutions. I want to work with other developers, share my experience and learn from those around me.

I strive to become part of a team dedicated to continual growth with opportunities for advancing myself both professionally and personally.

Work Experience

REA Group (2021-Present)

Senior UI Developer (REAx)


Developing Property.com.au; a resilient React + GraphQL front end application and a GraphQL NodeJS experience api.

As one of the initial developers in the REAx team, my input and direction was pivotal in shaping the way we've developed our codebase and helped enable us to go to market a mere 8 months after forming. Including the overall structure of our project, direction around accessibility, and various templates in Git and Jira.

I've driven some of our larger projects including the successful creation and deployment our complete new Search Experience which had a major requirement of maintaining and then improving our SEO rankings.

I am a regular contributer in our knowledge sharing sharing sessions and am always guiding and helping less senior members in the team.

Beyond the team I am also a co-admin for UI Guild, have lead workshops for our annual Tech Kick Off and interviewed candidates as par of the Grad Open Home.

Alinta Energy (2021)

Senior Front End Developer


Worked on the enCORE project, Alinta Energy's core system transformation program.

A part of this team my primary responsiblily was uplifting a legacy Angular JS application to Angular 10+.

carsales (2017-2021)

Senior Front End Developer


My role was initially part of the Inchcape team tasked with building Subaru's Build and Buy online product in React, followed by the replatform of the subaru.com.au website.

I later moved to the Dealer team to work on Autogate; carsales' prospect and inventory management system. My primary focus was developing Angular applications and enhancing our internal front end framework / component library called Seamless.

As part of the Dealer Finance squad I developed the Finance Admin Portal. The UX, wireframes and Angular development was completed by me working closely with our Product Manager and Backend developers. The collaboration resulted in a crystal clear, easy to use and highly focused solution.

During my time at carsales I've co-authored many projects outside of my team including the Hackathon Portal which is used to run carsales Hackathon events, the carsales careers website and also an internal Tech Radar. I also served as co-organiser of the Front End Developer Guild, an internal monthly catch up consisting of speakers and presentations to share Front End knowledge.

Tribal Worldwide Melbourne (2014-2017)

Senior Front End Developer


Over the course of my role as Senior Front End Developer I created countless landing pages and websites. My major contribution however, was the complete overhaul and implementation of modern front end development workflows. This enabled greater automation and rapid development leveraging reusable components across the client base.

Major clients included Porsche, Maxwell & Williams, Momentum Energy, DefenceCare and Westpac.

Examples of work:

  • momentumenergy.com.au
  • maxwellandwilliams.com.au
  • defencecare.org.au/fightingnewenemies/

JWT Melbourne (2013-2014)

Front End Developer


I began at JWT Melbourne in March 2013. My first project was for Miele - a heavily customised WordPress website using every feature under the sun. It had an events manager and payment gateway with single page checkout process, which I later upgraded to enable shopping cart functionality.

During my time at JWT I've performed quite a few internal projects for the digital team. I came onboard as a front end developer but also performed wireframing, user journey mapping, WordPress development, server administration, and tech validation.

I have worked on a number of projects for larger clients such as Melbourne Writers Festival, TAC, Miele, RAC, Shape Up Australia, Vegemite and Ford.

Examples of work:

  • mwf.com.au
  • saferpplaters.com.au
  • Monster-fy iOS App
  • Monster-fy Android App

tkm9 (2012)

Web Developer


My time at tkm9 began with a WordPress build. This project was for Greenbank Environmental and was a custom WordPress website making use of custom posts, taxonomy, navigation and two custom calculators.

The majority of work was backend development geared towards capturing user data, logic for drawing prizes, uptime management and receiving data from experientials and then sending results as EDMs or posting to facebook etc. Most of this development was custom built using the CodeIgniter MVC framework.

My role at tkm9 allowed me to work alongside other developers to interact with and implement a range of technologies such as augmented reality applications, iPad applications and also a deep dive into the Facebook Graph Api.

tkm9 enabled me to to work with some major clients such including TAC, Collingwood Football Club, Sportsgirl, GPT, Kia and Fanta.

Intrepid Travel (2011)

Front End Developer


I was contracted as a Front End Developer to Intrepid Travel for 6 months.

Intrepid were in the process of a massive redesign and were looking to migrate their entire website across to the open source content management system Drupal. I was responsive for developing the front end and also supported the marketing team with some design.

Web Designer (2010)

Front End Developer


I worked for 3 months at Web Force Five in the closing quarter of 2010.

I came on board to design the administrative area for their propriety content management system and to design client websites. I was responsible for meeting with clients to gather requirements and write the brief for upcoming projects.

ROI.com.au (2008 - 2010)

Senior Web Designer


I began at ROI.com.au as a Junior Web Designer in 2008. At first I was updating content and providing fixes for existing websites, but I quickly began designing and developing websites from the concept through to their implementation.

In my time at ROI.com.au I completed in excess of 30 websites and Landing Pages. For most of these projects I was responsible for the Design, Development, Project Management and served as the direct contact with the client, often meeting with them to best plan a solution for their business. Typically these sites would be built using Joomla or WordPress.

As well as developing client specific websites, I helped conceptualise, design and solely developed a new Real Estate marketing approach. Initially starting with the selling of 'Feature Properties' - a series small single page websites aimed to promote an individual property by usage of clean, concise information and high quality photos. For one client in particular, this quickly grew into a website which showcased all of these properties placed on a satellite view of the Mornington Peninsula.

The next phase was a project called 'Lifestyle Property.' A real estate website where properties were categorised by their 'lifestyle' type, eg: Rural, Coastal and Wineries. This website was again solely designed and developed by myself and aimed to further push the simple idea of the Feature Properties.

I continually progressed at ROI.com.au until I eventually was promoted to a Senior Web Designer and was responsible for managing a small team of 3 designers/devlopers. During my time at ROI.com.au we had more than doubled in size and had been listed in the BRW Fast Starters (2009) and SmartCompany (2009).


Victoria University of Technology (2006 - 2007)

Advanced Diploma of Multimedia (Interactive Media)

Victoria University of Technology (2005)

Certificate IV in Information Technology

St Pauls College (1999 - 2004)

Certificate II and III in Information Technology

Graduated Year 12


References available on request.

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